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Auto Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles, CA

Are You the Victim of a Car Accident?

Auto collisions can be frightening. Fortunately, most accidents are minor fender benders that do not result in serious injury or vehicle damage. In these cases, it may be appropriate to work directly with the insurance companies involved. However, serious crashes can be much more complicated. When you recover from an accident that has caused significant injury or loss, finding an experienced attorney will help you get the final settlement that you deserve. Call Richard D. Hoffman Law Offices today.
A situation in need of an auto accident attorney in Los Angeles, CA

When to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

Getting professional representation after your severe auto accident is important. You should call a lawyer if liability is unclear, evaluating your claim is confusing, an adjuster has asked for your medical records, or you receive an offer from an insurance company that will not cover your expenses. Other reasons to contact our office include if your claim was denied, you are seriously injured, incorrect blame is being placed on you, or the final settlement offer is too low. 

What We Can Do for You

Insurance companies have an interest in minimizing their payment to you. They will do this even if you have a right to receive more. That’s why you should rely on us to make your recovery process as hassle-free as possible. Our work reduces the amount of paperwork and stress to you. Moreover, our team will help you clarify liability, evaluate your claim and make sure your final settlement will adequately compensate you for your injuries and car damage.

We Will Get You What You Deserve

The experienced team at Richard D. Hoffman Law Offices will get you what you deserve. We have a proven track record of getting our client's final settlements that cover your pain, suffering, auto damage and injuries. You should not have to live with the consequences of someone else’s recklessness. Receiving the payment that you are owed will make your recovery easier, pay for ongoing medical costs and buy you a replacement vehicle. Your life and family are worth it. Let us defend your rights.